White Box

Mixed Media. 2017

The installation appears to be a white box with a pure and simple look. However, through the slit of the door, the viewers will see its distinct interior. The interior is an enclosed space. The light from the top reveals a dirty squatting toilet, with an overfilled trashcan, nasty ceramics tiles, cigarette butts, graffiti on the wall… The chaos screams underneath a simple and clean surface, while being perfectly covered by it, unless people peek inside. The piece is influenced by my personal experiences in Italy, which were unexpected at first but then became something I was used to. The toilet is a metaphor for the touristic cities. People came, look, get what they want and leave. The city is consumed the way the public toilets are used by thousands of people. It may seem nice on the outside, while at the inside it has all kinds of issue, pains and sadness, forgotten men and stories, rotten memories and loves.

Urban Weapon

Mixed Media. 2017.

The installation consists of broke wine bottles I gathered in Florence. I stained them with blood as if they were once used as weapons to hurt someone. I photographed them against a clean, white background, though the objects themselves don’t have an elegant appearance that people normally associate with artworks. To me, the broken, bloody bottles are threatening yet beautiful. They are suggesting stories. They are the inner selves of the cities, of the people living within, and of their history.

Not A Conversation

Mixed Media. 2016.